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Products & Packaging

rainbow-cdsYou may have a product , a great product, but how do you get it to the right people? How do you get them to stand up and say "I've got to have that!" Design gets their attention. It tells them what to expect, what it will do, and most of all, how great they will feel if they purchased your product. Build confidence by design.

Product design is not flat such as a logo or print, it takes on a shape. It has limitations. Where will it be placed? Are there restrictions and regulations that will need to be addressed before design starts?

We look at the big picture, then all the details to get you there. What is your budget? How can we make this work and make it profitable.

On the left, Jim Valley works with children around the world to enjoy the beauty of music. He writes the songs, adds the instruments and inspires kids to dance. His CD's and Videos express his love of color and joy... and children.




Any company that manufactures a product has to work with package design. Placement and promotion are essential considerations in design. Your purchaser may not be the user of the product but a distributor or large outlet store. What do they look for in a product? How will they sell your product?

Take a large Christmas Tree grower who wants to sell a new line of tree nutrients. Issues such as bottle size, waterproof labels, display visibility all become important.  The company brand must be consistent and the message strong.

It's a large investment of time and money to get a product to market. Just imagine how wonderful it will be to see your product in retail stores. That's why we are in business. At I.E. Group we worry about the details, your timeline and budget, then find the right solution for your product. Give us a call today.