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So, where do we start? Good question. We first look at your audience, who are you talking to. How do you want them to perceive you? What is the feeling and message that describes you? Do you know your competition and what exactly it is that makes you stand out? What makes you unique? Lots of questions, but all important questions.


We then look at designing a logo, your brand. We do over 30 thumbnails and refine 3-5 to present to you in black and white.

We work and work on the design until it is just right. Then color. Color has a message, a feeling it expresses visually.

Fonts and taglines add depth. Text balances the visual message from the descriptive message. It all has to say who you are and what you offer. It has to be memorable.

Okay, now we get the basics together, your business card is very important, it is your first step in any door. Whether you send it by mail or hand it our at meetings, It stays with your client and is a visual reminder of your business.


Now we plan, website is the most important step once we are past the branding stage. It is your storefront and answers all the questions about your company first and fast. It gives you validity and trust.

Do you have a store front? Do you need a sign to announce your company? A product that needs packaging must have your brand and message. Will you present at shows? A booth and promotion handouts, let your potential clients meet and greet you. Get to know them and give them something to take home.


Just a few examples of projects we've had the opportunity to research, design and implement a plan of action. Each and every client is unique and finding what makes them stand out is our challenge.

signOur clients range from small, first time start-ups to large 95 year old companys that need a fresh look. Our projects can be a quick brochure to a full campaign for a important show. We've enjoyed being a part of our clients success and proud to show our portfolio of projects.

Let us know how we can work together to find the right solution to your business.