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I.E. Design


At I.E. Group we start with questions. We want to know as much as we can about your industry, who will be purchasing your product or service, what your competition offers. All the who, what, when, where and why's. We want to make sure we see the full picture before we even consider design. Then the fun begins, we want to find your form and function. Define your business personality.

Here are some questions to consider while you develop your brand:

  1. Describe your business in a few sentences.
  2. What is there about you and your background that sets you apart from your competition?
  3. What problems do your prospects have that your business solves?
  4. Why do you believe customers should do business with you rather than with a competitor?
  5. Describe your potential customers. Pay special attention to their income, interests, gender, age. If your company is a business-to-business, what sort of companies are you hoping to attract?
  6. List the names of five websites that have feel or look that fits your company.
    Why are they attractive to you?
  7. Choose words that describe the look and feel of your company. Which of these words or phrases is most important? Second? Third?
  8. How has your company evolved or how has the industry changed over the last five to ten years?
  9. What trends are affecting the industry and how is your company anticipating them?
  10. What does your company do well and not so well?
  11. Describe your vision of your company in 5 years? In 10 years?